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14k Gold Filled Jewelry

Natural gemstones set in a gold alternative that won’t just wear away.

  • Quality
    Unlike gold plated jewelry, gold filled is made by bonding 14k gold over brass. Therefore, the gold layer is much thicker and won’t wear away quickly.
  • Price
    Since gold filled is 1/20 14k gold, prices are more affordable than pure gold.
  • Tarnish Resistant
    Gold filled will tarnish just as pure gold jewelry would, meaning it’s a much slower process. Unlike silver you won’t have to worry about it often.
  • Design
    We’re frequently adding new designs and looking to expand our 14k gold collection.
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Discover why you’ll love our jewelry

Handcrafted in southern New Jersey, our jewelry is made in small batches to bring you the highest quality pieces.

    We use metals that are least likely to cause sensitivity reactions such as brass, copper, and sterling silver.
    Using metalsmithing techniques, our jewelry is hand fabricated in small batches right in southern New Jersey.
    Nothing fake here! We use responsibly mined natural gemstones as well as some lab grown gemstones. We always disclose which type of gemstone is in our jewelry.
    We believe in sustainability by using recycled materials and fair trade products as well as products that are made in the US.


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