handcrafted gemstone
jewelry made in new jersey

Producing natural, demi-fine jewelry one piece at a time.
Celebrate you with one of a kind designs made with the finest materials.

We believe that jewelry empowers women, therefore we create pieces that reflect confidence and style. Our pieces are hand-fabricated from start to finish in southern New Jersey with eco-friendly practices and USA made products. Not only do we want our jewelry to reflect the uniqueness of individuals, but we also want to ensure the highest quality.


All of our pieces are individually hand-fabricated from start to finish. Taking raw materials, we transform them through heat and forging to create their final forms. Using abrasives, we clean and polish each piece before tumbling them to ensure strength, shine, and smoothness. Each gemstone is set individually before the final jewelry piece is complete. The jewelry you receive has been entirely transformed from a sheet or wire into its final form.

Social Responsibility

Do you know where your jewelry is coming from? We do.

Social responsibility is important to us. We believe in ethically made products, fair trade conditions, supporting other small businesses like ours, and using recycled materials whenever possible. We strive to contribute to sustainability and do our part to minimize waste.

Some of the eco-friendly practices in our studio include:

  • Toxic chemical reduction through use of least hazardous products
  • Recycling metal scraps to re-use and use of recycled metals
  • Recycled packaging materials
  • Appropriate disposal of hazardous materials
  • Conservation of energy and fuel practices


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