5 Most Popular Jewelry Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

5 Most Popular Jewelry Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

5 most popular jewelry gift ideas for valentines day

Realized you still haven't gotten that gift you were supposed to last week?  Or maybe you haven't found the right item to ask for yet.  Either way, thanks to research and lots of googling, here are the five most popular jewelry gift ideas for this Valentine's Day.  Finding gifts can be stressful and takes time and thought.  Think about what the person likes and already owns before choosing a piece. 


1. Heart Necklaces

sterling silver heart necklace

When I think of heart necklaces, I tend to think of more commercial styles like the one pictured above.  However, step outside your big box store comforts and you can find thousands of styles on Etsy alone. Ranging from minimalist to personalized you can find exactly what you're looking for whether it's for a significant other, mom, grandmom, etc.  Check out the heart necklaces available here.


2. Tennis Bracelets

swarovski tennis bracelet

Have a little extra to spend?  Today there are so many options for the classic tennis bracelet, which means there's options for you in every price range.  This Swarovski tennis bracelet will only set you back $169 found here.


3. Birth Stone Jewelry

birth stone chart

Can you really go wrong with birth stone jewelry?  There are unique options for necklaces, bracelets, and rings from manufactured designs to handcrafted.  The difficult part will of course be deciding which one you really like.


4. Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are timeless and they make for a wonderful gift for that reason.  Pearls simply haven't gone out of style although designs have certainly evolved over time.  There is a variety of styles and options for freshwater pearl jewelry so you'll definitely find something you/she will love.


5. Rings

Like everything else on the list, you really can't go wrong with giving a gorgeous ring.  With a multitude of styles and options and places to purchase from you'll surely find what you're looking for.  If you want a handcrafted ring, head over to our ring collection here.


While gifts are always great, remember that it truly is the thought that counts.  So whether you spend $5 or $500, making that person feel special and loved is what it's all about.

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