What's Your Jewelry Style?

What's Your Jewelry Style?

Have you ever stopped to consider what your style is? We all have our own personal favorites when it comes to fashion and jewelry. For example, I love classic pieces because they're so versatile - you can easily mix them up with other trends or styles! Your style is as individual and unique to you, so it's hard for anyone to say what your personal favorite type of fashion or jewelry piece might be. That being said, I've outlined four of the most popular jewelry styles below. Which do you tend to gravitate towards?


Characterized by minimal, sleek, and traditional designs that never seem to go out of style.


Characterized by bold colors and big designs that stand on their own.


Characterized by period inspired pieces made with traditional metals and gemstones.


Characterized by earth tones with artistic and natural designs.

Your jewelry style is likely to change with the times as styles come in and out of popularity. Owning staple pieces from multiple styles allows you to mix and match without having to worry about whether or not its "cool". Ultimately remember you should only wear jewelry you love and that makes you feel comfortable.

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