Must Have Jewelry For Minimalist Lovers

Must Have Jewelry For Minimalist Lovers


Minimalism has certainly been on trend for years now (we've all seen tiny homes) and for a good reason. It removes the unnecessary which can easily pile up in our lives so that we learn to focus on value and what's important. Minimalist jewelry is incredibly popular for this reason because its incredibly versatile and doesn't require us to have huge jewelry collections. We're diving into some must have staple pieces for any minimalist jewelry collection. But first, let's talk about what the style really is about.


Let's talk about what pieces you absolutely need to have a solid minimalist jewelry collection.

Chain Necklaces

Choose quality metals like gold and silver to ensure long lasting pieces. Have a variety of chain styles like cables, elongated cables, and satellite. Be sure to choose different necklace lengths varying from 14" to 24" as well so that you can create layered looks.

Pendant Necklaces

Having a couple pendant necklaces are a must for any minimalist jewelry collection. Choose dainty pendants with geometric shapes with or without some small gemstones. Stamped or etched pendants with shapes or natural elements are also a great option. For the length it depends on your preferences and where you generally like your pendants to fall though typical lengths are 18" to 24".

Ring Bands

When it comes to rings, there's a few options for a solid jewelry collection with one of them being simple gold or silver ring bands. These can be hammered, round, flat, beaded, or twisted with a variety of widths. You should be able to wear these simple rings either in a stack or alone for a clean look.

Geometric Rings

If ring bands aren't your thing, geometric rings are a good addition to any minimalist collection. These rings generally stand on their own with either a unique shape (like a wave design) or use traditional shapes to create a larger silhouette (like an open circle).

Hoop Earrings

Ranging in size depending on your preferences, simple hoop earrings in gold or silver are definitely a must have. Style options include hoops with a post back, huggies, or the traditional hoop ranging from smooth to textured or twisted. If you've got more than a single piercing, mix up textures for a stylish look.

Stud Earrings

If hoops aren't for you, there are plenty of stud styles. There are a variety of geometric options as well as simple ball styles or the clean look of pearls.

Chain Bracelets

Like the must have chain necklaces, you'll want to have chain bracelets with varying link sizes and styles. Go dainty with small cable chains or larger with elongated cable or curb styles. Choose quality metals to ensure long lasting jewelry that you'll be able to wear every day for years to come.

Metal Bangles

A few bangles will round out your minimalist jewelry collection. Depending on your preference, style options range from textured to smooth with varying thickness so that you can wear single or multiple bangles at a time.


Minimalist jewelry styles appeal to many because of their every day appeal, clean style, ability to mix and match, and the longevity of the style itself. While many styles come and go, minimalist jewelry can always be incorporated into other looks making it a must have collection to own.

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