Bezel or Prong Setting, Which is Better?

Bezel or Prong Setting, Which is Better?

When it comes to engagement rings, prong settings by far are the more popular style. They’re commonly seen in four or six prong styles. That’s not to say prong settings are better than bezel settings though; they’re simply very different and each one has pros and cons when you’re deciding which type of setting you’d prefer.


What is a bezel setting?

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A bezel setting surrounds the gemstone and secures the stone in by encasing it. Bezel settings can be done with both cabochon cut gems as well as faceted gems. With cabochons, bezels cup the stone right where the gem begins to dome. With faceted gems, bezels fold over the girdle to ensure the gem is securely held.


What is a prong setting?

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A prong setting is more self explanatory than a bezel setting. Prongs are created using wire and hold the gemstone in place using minimal metal. Prongs are secured by creating a “seat” which the gem sits in.


There are pros and cons to each setting depending on what type of jewelry it is and how often it’ll be worn. The type of gemstone should also be taken into consideration as some are softer than others.


Bezel Advantages

Bezels are the most secure setting out there. Since the gem is encased in metal, bezels also protect the stone from wear and tear better than a prong setting. For jewelry worn often or softer gemstones, bezel settings are a great option.


Prong Advantages

Unlike bezel settings, prong style options are vast. Not only are the styles seemingly endless, prong settings enhance a gemstones brilliance since light can hit the gemstone at different angles.


The Cons

Bezel settings are pretty straight forward so style options are limited. Since the metal encases the gemstone, it also limits the stones brilliance. Prong settings on the other hand expose the gemstone more, increasing the odds of wear and tear on the stone as well as the prongs themselves. Prongs will wear and eventually need to be re-tipped otherwise the gem will be at risk of coming loose.


Each setting has their drawbacks and strengths. Ultimately neither is a better setting but what type of jewelry, style, and gemstone can make choosing a bezel or prong setting easier. What's your preference? Let us know!

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