Hacks to Safely Pack Jewelry for Travel

Hacks to Safely Pack Jewelry for Travel

Packing for either travel or moving can be daunting. Packing jewelry even more so because of its size and ensuring it's safe without damage. It seems incredibly easy to lose or damage jewelry while moving. This is of course assuming you don't have a jewelry organizer for travel, or maybe you do but there isn't enough room. To avoid damage and loss we've compiled some easy hacks using simple house hold objects that can make the process easier.

We've all had a chain or two tangle and then spent a whole lot of time afterwards trying to untangle it. Avoid that mess by using these hacks to pack necklaces so that when it's time to unpack, the process is hassle free.

‣ Pack necklaces using straws. Keep the chain from tangling by threading part of the chain through a straw and clasping it together so that part is outside of the straw and part is inside. The straw will prevent the chain from being able to twist around.

‣ Use ziplock bags to individually pack necklaces. If the necklace has a delicate chain/small chain you can keep it from tangling by stapling the ziplock bag in the center. Place your necklace in the bag, staple it in the center, and then close the clasp so that the necklace is around the staple. This will keep the chain from being able to tangle and you can fold the bag leaving you more packing space than the straw method.

‣ Have a washcloth or small towel handy? Lay out your necklaces individually with space (about an inch) between each. Carefully roll the cloth/towel, bundling the necklaces within. Use rubber bands or hair ties to keep the bundle from unraveling. Since they're wrapped in fabric, this method takes up a bit more space than the previous two though not by much.

If you've never lost an earring before, consider yourself fortunate. A problem with packing earrings isn't tangling like necklaces, it's keeping them together so you don't misplace one. Only have one of the pair is beyond annoying though asymmetrical earrings are in style so you can always go that route if you only have one. Otherwise, here's a few ways to keep your pairs together while packing.

‣ Use small ziplock bags to keep pairs of earrings together. Use tape or rubber post sleeves on the end of the earring so that they won't puncture holes in the bag.

‣ Pill boxes can also work to help keep pairs together and earrings organized if they're small.

‣ Pack earrings safely by using thicker paper like a note card or even a paper plate. Poke holes in the paper and thread your earrings individually. Be sure to have a back on the earring post/fishhook though so it doesn't fall right off. This method also helps keep longer earrings from tangling together.

Unlike necklaces and earrings, bracelets tend to be the easiest to pack. However, in order to keep bracelets from scratching or damaging one another you should always pack bracelets separately so they can't rub against one another.

‣ Easily keep your bracelets safe and organized by keeping them separate in plastic bags.

‣ Pack chain bracelets safely by wrapping them around cloth or paper to avoid tangling and damage. Using a note card, cut out a half circle on each side and place the bracelet around so that it sits within the cut out portion. You can also roll a towel or cloth and wrap the bracelets around them.

‣ Ever seen jewelry hang tags? Use a similar concept by wrapping paper through the bracelet and staple the paper together to keep bracelets together or from tangling.

Next time you travel hopefully these packing hacks will help keep your jewelry both organized and easy to unpack. Have another packing hack? Share it with us!

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