Product Alert: Rings!

Product Alert: Rings!

I've been incredibly busy lately at my workbench designing and putting together new rings!  I'm happy to say that quite a few of the new designs are now live and you can purchase them.  I thought I'd highlight the new rings and give you a little more information on each.

Twin Gray Moonstone & White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring

I really loved the thought of a dividing line.  I at first considered a row of gemstones as a vertical line down the center but the design looked bulky on the ring band once the moonstones were added.  I then pondered the possibility of angling the stones so that I still had a "dividing" row of stones.  Turns out the angling worked and the end result was a beautiful and unique ring. 


Green Amethyst Solitaire Four Prong Sterling Silver Ring

I was really excited to design a classic style with the green amethyst cushion.  I knew from the get go that I would attempt to set it in a prong solitaire style.  Brilliant cut gemstones enhance the stones beauty because of the way the light reflects off the geometric panels.  I certainly didn't want to cover any of that up when making this ring!


Ethiopian Opal & White Sapphire Trio Sterling Silver Ring

Ethiopian opals, also called Welo opals are really interesting because they actually absorb water!  Traditionally opals have been mined from Australia but in recent years have started being supplied from Ethiopia after their discovery not even 30 years ago.  These opals are considered precious opals because of their play-of-color.  Ethiopian opals tend to be considered more affordable than Australian opals, which is why I chose to use them.  Overall this is a dainty ring design that packs a lot of bling when viewing it; light reflects off the brilliant round cut white sapphires while the opal flashes spectral colors.  The sapphires really complemented the opal in the design which is why I ended up with three stones rather than having the opal on a ring alone. 


Amethyst V Claw Sterling Silver Ring



These V style rings have become popular recently so I wanted to try my hand at it but with a little elegant twist.  The making of this ring proved to be a bit more difficult than I had anticipated.  I also truthfully got distracted during the process and melted the claw setting (oops).  After discarding that mess, I tried my hand at it again and things went much smoother.  The end result was a beautiful round ring band with a V shape and a small brilliant cut pear shaped amethyst.  This ring looks beautiful on and I like how it looks when worn on the index finger especially.


Kyanite Dainty Bezel Sterling Silver Ring

Truth: I had never heard of kyanite until purchasing it.  Kyanite as a gemstone isn't commonly used because the mineral itself has two different hardnesses making it an incredibly difficult gemstone to cut.  That being said after researching kyanite and realizing how beautiful and frankly "exotic" in gemstone form it was I decided it needed to stand along in a ring to show off its beauty.  Kyanite gemstones can come in different colors but my rings are all blue kyanite.  While the setting is a bezel, I chose to do a step bezel so that the back is wide open giving you a nice view on both sides. 



Black Rutilated Quartz Round Bezel Sterling Silver Ring

Rutile grows as prism shaped crystals within other minerals.  In this case, it's grown in quartz and produced unique, one of kind needle "patterns".  I enjoy using uncommon gemstones because there are so many beautiful stones that aren't being showcased.  To showcase its uniqueness, I created an open back bezel so that the stone can be seen through both sides and light can enter it easily to reflect.  I decided to add a twisted pattern band rather than using a regular round or half round band because I thought it complemented the stone.


Freshwater Pearl Three Claw Sterling Silver Ring

Pearls will always hold a special place in my heart.  I have always loved them since I was a kid and still do as an adult.  This ring design was redone into a claw setting from a bezel setting.  I wanted it to have a bezel setting to really showcase the entire pear shaped freshwater pearl.  However, the pearl was cut cabochon style (flat back) leaving the top part uneven and making a bezel setting difficult because of the higher top and lower bottom.  Rather than scrapping the idea all together I decided to turn the bezel setting into a claw setting which would still showcase the pearl and ensure that the setting was secure.  Overall the final product came out beautifully and I'm happy with the design.

There are still rings that need to be added that I've created along with this batch. 

These two will be added soon!  I'm currently still working on the product photos which is why they didn't make this product update.




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