Sensitive Ears? Avoid Reactions by Following Two Steps

Sensitive Ears? Avoid Reactions by Following Two Steps

Growing up, I always had metal sensitivities. My ears were probably the absolute worst though. Not only did they become red and inflamed but they would feel itchy, sore, and sometimes these fluid filled lumps formed behind my ears (ew, I know). I tried wearing all sorts of different metals from 14K gold to 18K gold to white gold. Regardless of the earrings I was choosing, my ears always reacted negatively to them. Fast forward and now I'm able to wear earrings without feeling like they're bleeding for two reasons.





I've discussed this in other blog posts but knowing what metals you're sensitive to in the first place is pretty imperative. I now avoid white gold completely since it often times contains nickel alloys and anything less than 18K gold is a mixed bag regarding allergic reactions for me personally. I stick to silver and sometimes copper only because they're the most hypoallergenic.


Earrings collect dirt like you wouldn't believe. Oils from our fingers and body, hair products, and even lotion can all accumulate creating dirty earrings that we're placing in our bodies. Hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol works wonders to disinfect earrings without ruining them. I don't suggest dipping earrings into alcohol or peroxide but grab a q-tip or cotton ball and clean the earring post, ear nut (if applicable), and the back of the earring after each time you wear them. If you're unsure, washing the earring with soap and water works just as well.


By making sure you're keeping your earrings disinfected and wearing metals that are least likely to cause irritation, you can give your ears a break and wear earrings without negative reactions.

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