Sustainable Jewelry and What It Means

Sustainable Jewelry and What It Means

I will start off by saying that while there are a few groups who verify sustainable practices, there’s no single major organization that determines whether jewelry companies are legitimately sustainable or not. That’s why understanding what sustainable jewelry is will help you to make informed and environmentally friendly decisions in the future. Responsibly mined/conflict free gemstones are another aspect of sustainability I didn’t mention because I personally feel as though it deserves its own discussion entirely. Rather than let myself fall down the rabbit hole (which I’m known to do), I’ve stuck to an overall sustainability definition. 


What is Sustainable Jewelry Infographic


Creating jewelry shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment. Not when there’s so many alternatives. That’s why I’m really proud to say Bentley & Lo practices social responsibility. Jump over to our about page and learn how we specifically do that.

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