12 DIY Jewelry Display Organizers

12 DIY Jewelry Display Organizers

12 diy jewelry display organizers

Jewelry boxes seem like a thing of the past don't they?  Jewelry is meant to be shown off; so why not display it as its own piece of art?  I've found twelve DIY crafts to create jewelry displays and/or holders that can be shown off.  I've personally made quite a few of these and can vouch that they not only look amazing but they're practical as well to house jewelry.


Mug Tree Jewelry Holders

mug tree jewelry holder

Super cute and more importantly, easy to make! Get the instructions here.


Drawer Handle Jewelry Organizer

drawer handle jewelry organizer

I've made one of these myself!  Rather than overlaying with burlap though, I used contact paper to cover the wood to give a marble look instead. Get the instructions here.


Rustic Industrial Jewelry Organizer

rustic industrial jewelry organizer

I'm not sure I would put this in my bathroom; mainly because the moisture could corrode jewelry over time.  But this would look great in a bedroom or walk in closet.  Get the instructions here.


Dish Jewelry Tower

dish jewelry tower

This idea is simple and looks amazing.  I'm not sure why I didn't think to make one but I plan to rectify that.  Get the instructions here.


Cutlery Tray Jewelry Display

cutlery tray jewelry holder

Unlike some of the other ideas, this display wouldn't hold many pieces.  However, it would look wonderful as a piece of art to show off some of your more colorful and eye catching necklaces.  Get the instructions here.


Walnut and Brass Jewelry Organizer

walnut and brass jewelry organizer

This organizer may one of my absolute favorites.  The design is ingenious with the earring board magnetically attaching to the rest of the organizer.  Put this on your DIY to make list ASAP.  Get the instructions here.


T-Bar Jewelry Holder

t bar jewelry holder

There's a lot of ideas for earrings and necklaces but bracelets and watches need a display home too.  This is a great DIY t-bar that you can easily make to show off your favorite bracelets or watches.  Get the instructions here.


Hanging Jewelry Holder

hanging jewelry holder

This is super customizable because not only can you spray paint the bars whatever color you'd like, but you can choose whatever fabric you like to cover the center wood bar.  Get the instructions here.


Chicken Wire Jewelry Holder

chicken wire jewelry holder

Have a ton of earrings?  This is a beautiful solution to show them off!  Get the instructions here.


The Perfect Necklace Holder

the perfect necklace holder

This piece takes a little digging at your local thrift store but the end result looks beautiful.  Get the instructions here.


Chic Jewelry Statement Wall

chic jewelry statement wall

She made this beautiful display for her store but if you own a lot of jewelry I can see this being a statement piece.  Get the instructions here.


Stud Earring Holder

stud earring holder

Do you own a lot of stud earrings?  Then this is the display holder for you!  Get the instructions here.


Have a favorite?  I'd love to hear from you!  Happy crafting!

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