A Metalsmith's Guide to Polishing Cloths

A Metalsmith's Guide to Polishing Cloths

a metalsmith's guide to polishing cloths

Before I learned about the science of metals, I didn't own a polishing cloth.  My jewelry sat in a jewelry box and when it started smelling or turning black I hid it away never to wear again.  What I didn't know back then was there was a really simple solution to this problem; polishing cloths.  Just like everything else in life, polishing cloths come in many options and everyone ultimately has their own preference.

Polishing cloths are cotton cloths that contain compounds for cleaning, polishing, and anti-tarnishing.  Cloths can be a little different here and there depending on what compounds or agents are in the cloths.  Polishing cloths are fabulous though because it removes oil and dirt, prevents and removes tarnish, and most importantly you don't have to worry about getting the metal wet or reacting with a harsh jewelry chemical cleaner. 

Most Popular: Mayflower Jewelry Cleaner & Polishing Cloth

Most Environmentally Friendly: Spit Shine Polishing Cloth

Best Overall: Blitz Jewelry Care Cloth

Personal Favorite: Fabulustre Jewelry Polishing Cloths

I've used all four of these cloths and can attest that they work well.  The Fabulustre cloth I prefer over the others because it has a rogue cloth layer that can help with surface scratches on the metal.  Overall, polishing cloths aren't very expensive and can save your jewelry in the long run so it's worth the investment.

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