4 Easy Ways to Remove Tarnish On Jewelry

4 Easy Ways to Remove Tarnish On Jewelry

We’ve all been there, grabbing a piece of jewelry to wear only to realize it’s turned a dark color or may even begin to smell metallic. Unfortunately the sulphur in air is to blame as it reacts with metals to cause tarnishing. The good news is that tarnish is easy to remove with products you probably already have at home. 

There are many, many articles out there suggesting various ways to remove tarnish, such as using toothpaste. While you’re welcome to give these methods try, as a metalsmith and jeweler I find the four methods I’ve listed easier and more effective. Please keep in mind certain methods work better than others depending on the piece. For all plated jewelry I don’t suggest using anything but soap and water as the other methods will wear down the plating much faster. You should also consider if there are gemstones in your piece or perhaps crystals/rhinestones. The acidic conditions can cause the glue to deteriorate. With any natural gemstones, soap and water or a polishing cloth is your safest bet. I would also suggest steering clear of chemical jewelry cleaners as they can also ruin natural stones or glue. 

4 Simple Ways to Remove Tarnish Infographic

Don’t forget to consider the piece when deciding which method you’ll use to remove tarnish. If your piece has natural pearls, steer clear of everything except soap and water because the nacre is easily ruined. And always make sure your piece is dried well before storing or wearing. Happy cleaning 😊

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