5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Gold Filled Jewelry

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold is most definitely back in style, which I am super thankful for since warm colors don’t look great paired with silver. That being said, gold is expensive! Plus if you’re metal sensitive like I am, the higher karat gold pieces racks up the bill even quicker. For that reason, I love gold filled jewelry because it’s such an awesome gold substitute. I had to start designing with gold filled because I fell in the love with the positives that gold filled offers. So here’s 5 reasons why you should purchase gold filled jewelry.


1. Cost

Gold filled is a fraction of the cost of gold. Since it contains 5% of pure gold, it’s a much more affordable option. 

2. Longevity

Unlike plated jewelry, gold filled jewelry can easily last you years and even longer with proper care. So you won’t need about weird smells or your skin turning green. Plus just like pure gold, you can get your gold filled pieces wet without concern. (Though in general you should always dry jewelry well after it’s been wet.)

3. Appearance

Gold filled jewelry looks like pure gold because that’s what it’s layered with. Despite its misleading name, gold filled jewelry isn’t filled with gold. Instead it’s a thick sheet of gold that is bonded over a base metal such as brass. Therefore, 14k gold filled will appear just as any other 14k gold piece would. #winning

4. Maintenance

All jewelry needs some maintenance and care. Gold filled jewelry doesn’t require anything special though. Like gold jewelry, you should wipe your jewelry down after you’ve worn it. You should also wait to put it on until after you’ve used lotions, sprays, perfumes, etc. Most importantly, keep your jewelry stored separately so that they won’t scratch one another. 

5. Lack of Tarnish

The ultimate reason to love gold filled—lack of tarnishing! Gold tarnishes like any other metal. That’s why gold after a while will start to look dull or darker. However, gold tarnishes at a much much slower rate than other metals like silver, copper or brass. Just like pure gold jewelry tarnishes very slowly, gold filled will as well since it’s outer layer is in fact gold. 


If you’re still unsure about gold filled, you absolutely need to try it! You’ll never want to wear plated again. At such a reasonable price point there’s no reason not to give it a chance.



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