5 Common Moonstone Questions Answered

5 Common Moonstone Questions Answered


Moonstones are more popular than ever and for a good reason. Their unique coloring, affordability, and varying cuts makes this a perfect gem to work with in multiple design styles. But how much do you know about moonstones? Here I strive to answer 5 of the most common moonstone questions I receive.


What is moonstone?

Moonstones are all-natural gems belonging to the feldspar group. Their unique adularescence makes them appear to flash color at different angles. They are an excellent affordable alternative to opals and they are June’s modern birthstone. Moonstones can come in multiple different colors but most commonly found are white, gray, peach, and rainbow.


Are moonstones expensive?

Like all natural gemstones, moonstone costs depends on its cut, clarity, color, and shape. Moonstone cost per carat ranges significantly depending on the quality; clear moonstones with a bright blue sheen tend to be more expensive than a mixed white and clear moonstone with a blue and violet hue sheen for example. Moonstones though unlike most other gemstones do have visible inclusions as a characteristic. Moonstones in general are an affordable choice while not the cheapest gem on the market, it’s certainly not the most expensive.


How can you tell if it’s a good quality moonstone?

As previously mentioned, color and clarity will determine the quality of the moonstone. Excellent quality moonstones will be near translucent with no visible inclusions and a nice, bright adularescence. Most moonstones are a cabochon cut, meaning they have a flat bottom. Better quality moonstones will be even in size and have a nice dome on the top to really show off the adularescence.


Can you wear moonstones everyday?

On the Mohs scale, moonstones have a hardness of 6. So while moonstones aren’t the softest gems, they aren’t the hardest either as the Mohs scale ranges from 1-10. You can certainly wear moonstones everyday but be conscious not to bang the stone around on hard surfaces because they will scratch and chip with enough pressure. Having them in a secure setting is important.


How should you clean moonstone?

Putting your jewelry “away” clean makes upkeep of any piece easier. To do this, simply wipe the piece down with a soft cotton cloth to remove oils, lotions, and other products it might have come in contact with. All jewelry will get dirty over time though but luckily moonstones are easy enough to clean. Moonstones should never be cleaned mechanically because they are not the hardest gem ultrasonic machines can potentially scratch or damage them. The easiest way to clean moonstones is with soap and water and a soft bristled toothbrush. You can also use gentle jewelry cleansers but I would definitely try mild soap and water first.



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