Is Handmade Jewelry Popular?

Is Handmade Jewelry Popular?


Jewelry is an incredibly personal thing. It represents both your style and character. Are you a minimalist who is a no-frills type of person? Or do you enjoy statement pieces, suggesting you’re a bold personality? No matter what you choose to wear, gone are the days of mass-produced jewelry. Today is full of personalized pieces and small batch pieces that help represent you and your individuality.


What is handmade jewelry?

Handmade jewelry is just as it sounds. It’s jewelry that’s primarily made by hand in small batches. This can range from putting components together to create pieces to taking metal and forging it into pieces.


Why choose handmade jewelry?

Unlike mass-produced jewelry, handmade jewelry is much more transparent. The distribution is much more transparent as well as the actual creation of pieces. Jewelers can identify where they are purchasing raw goods from as well as support responsible mining of gemstones. Pieces made by these types of jewelers tend to be better quality because their raw goods to begin with are better quality. I choose to support other small businesses by purchasing raw goods from them but most importantly, I’m able to identify that my products are USA made.


What are the types of handmade jewelry?

There are so many choices when it comes to handmade jewelry, which is what makes it so unique and amazing. The majority of handmade pieces are fashion or demi-fine. Ranging from beaded jewelry pieces to metalsmithed pieces that are forged, the options are truly endless. The metals used can range from plated to filled to sterling silver or gold. In addition, pieces can often be customized from size to design making jewelry pieces extra special to you.


Handmade jewelry is popular for many reasons and it often depends on the person as to why they enjoy handmade jewelry. They may like supporting small or local businesses or they may like the idea of truly individualized pieces. No matter the reason, handmade jewelry is gaining popularity and is here to stay.

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