8 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Accessorizing can be difficult because there are literally so many options available when it comes to jewelry. There’s also the consideration of what pieces you typically wear. As a jewelry designer and silversmith, I can tell you that quality also matters. Consider how often you’ll find yourself wearing these classic pieces when deciding on which materials you’d like them to made of. There are always occasions that call for these pieces and owning them means having them in your arsenal for whenever the need arises which for some women may be every day.  


8 jewelry staples 

    1. Unadorned Gemstone Studs

      For most people, diamond studs are staple. However, there are now so many alternatives that not only look as good but also are more affordable. The classic stud though is a must-have and if diamonds aren’t your thing alternatives like white topaz, white zircon (not the same as cubic zirconia), and clear quartz make for some brilliant and natural alternatives.


        2. Pearl Necklace

          A classic that has been around and loved for ages. Pearls are a wonderful investment because if you care for them, they’ll stick around for a long time. White and off-white pearls are the most common but there are alternative colors that may fit your style better.


            3. Metal Bangle(s)

              The fun thing about metal bangles are you can absolutely mix and match the types/colors of bangles together to create different looks. The bangle size/width is also a factor to consider when stacking bangles together.


                4. Hoop Earrings

                  But really, who doesn’t own at least one pair of hoops? Hoops come in all different sizes and metals but owning a mid-size gold and silver hoop means being able to pair them with pretty much any outfit and other accessories easily.


                    5. Cocktail Ring

                      Most of us have heard the phrase cocktail ring before but not everyone truly knows what a cocktail ring is. They are dated back to the prohibition era and they’re what we today consider statement rings typically with a brilliant gemstone. When deciding on a cocktail ring, consider what colors you typically wear when it comes to both clothing and jewelry. You’ll want your ring to stand out and shine but also smoothly integrate with your look.


                        6. Pendant Necklace

                          The perfect pendant’s length will be around 18” (you may prefer shorter like 16” or longer like 20”). When it comes to the staple pendant necklace, think little black dress accessorizing. A singular pendant, whether it’s a gemstone or a metal design, works best because it’ll not only look gorgeous on its own but it’ll also be versatile enough that you can layer it with other necklaces to create an entirely different look.


                            7. Chain Bracelet

                              What type of chain bracelet is totally up to you and your tastes. This may vary from a simple singular chain to gemstones links. Chain bracelets like other pieces on this list are both versatile and pair well with other pieces so it’s worth spending a little more to purchase one that’ll you love and will last you a while.


                                8. Stacking Rings

                                  Stacking rings are a newer trend but they’re something I don’t see going out of style any time soon. With so many options from plain and textured bands to gemstone studded, you can really mix and match and create a very individual and unique style based on your preferences.



                                  Ready to update your jewelry collection? Jewelry is about expressing your individual style so choose pieces that you love and can see yourself wearing in a variety of settings.

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