Choosing the Perfect Necklace Length for Your Face

Choosing the Perfect Necklace Length for Your Face


You probably have a go-to necklace length and style that you love. But, have you ever thought about whether or not those necklaces are complimenting your face shape? If you're like me you're more concerned with making sure it works well with your clothing choice as opposed to your face shape. Wearing necklace styles that suit you best can help in ways you probably haven't considered such as elongating/shortening your face and neck. Learn about the various necklace lengths and then scroll to your face shape to find out your best look.


Necklace Lengths Guide

necklace lengths guide

 Style Length Fit
Collar 14" Tightly around the neck
Choker 16" At the base of the throat
Princess 18" Lays on the collarbone
Matinee 20-24" Between the collarbone and bust
Opera 28-36" On the bust/right below the bust
Rope 36-42" Wrapped to fall on the bust or just below


Face Shape - Necklaces that Compliment

Face Shapes Guide

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The most versatile shape for wearing jewelry, including necklaces. Since nearly all necklace lengths work well with oval faces, necklace lengths chosen should compliment the neckline worn.


In order to lengthen the neck and create angles, any necklace length shorter than a matinee should be avoided entirely. These will make your throat look wider and your neck shorter. Longer necklaces are the way to go and pendant styles are even better. Pendant styles help create a triangular look to lengthen and add angles to your face.


Your goal with this face shape is to shorten the appearance and create a more oval shape. In order to achieve that, shorter necklaces work best. Anything from collar to princess (12"-16") is ideal. Since horizontal looks are best for this face shape, large pendant necklaces are best avoided.


In order to soften the jaw line and elongate the face, length is imperative. Longer necklaces, matinee and opera lengths, work best with this shape and soft lines, necklaces that naturally fall into a soft U, work even better. Plain pendant styles won't work well because of the triangular appearance it creates.


Short, curvy necklaces work best for this face shape in order to length the jaw and reduce the sharpness of the chin. Collar, choker, and princess styles are ideal and necklace styles that create a fullness at the throat will help to really compliment this face shape.


Like those with an oval face shape, any length necklace will work with this shape. The important thing to keep in mind is to compliment the neckline worn and choose necklaces that are proportional to your body.


While these styles are suggestions to compliment your necklace and face shape, at the end of the day you need to be comfortable and confident with your jewelry choices. If you are in love with a piece and it makes you feel good, wear it!


  • I think wearing a nacklace like that shows the buauty of man.and makes woman look more.all the people in the word use nacklaces,and necklaces come in different designs,nacklaces will go well wite clothing,

    david kind
  • I had no idea that the length of a necklace should matter since it could highlight your facial features. My brother wants to buy one for his girlfriend as a gift for their 10th anniversary. We should probably look for a jeweler that makes custom jewelry for his gift!

    Zachary Tomlinson

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