Know Your Perfect Bracelet Size

Know Your Perfect Bracelet Size


There's nothing worse than purchasing a bracelet or set only to realize it doesn't fit.  Whether it's too large and slipping halfway down your hand or too small and you're considering slathering your hand in soap just to get it on (or maybe I'm the only one who thought it would be a good idea).  Either way, if you understand how different bracelets are sized, you can look forward to purchasing bracelets that fit you perfectly in the future.

How to Measure Your Wrist

There are two different measurements depending on the type of bracelet you're purchasing.  Chain and cuff bracelets you'll need to measure your actual wrist.  For bangle bracelets you'll need to measure the widest part of your hand when your thumb is folded in.  If you don't have a flexible measuring tape you can use a strip of paper or string, mark the spot where it meets and measure the length.

To measure for bangles:

bangle bracelet measurement

To measure for chain and cuff bracelets you'll want to measure your wrist comfortably and add on 0.5" to the measurement.

Cuff and Chain Bracelet Sizes

These sizes are a general range.  You'll want to always double check with the jeweler because their measurements for sizes may be slightly different.

Size Circumference
X-Small 5.0"-5.5"
Small 5.5"-6.0"
Medium 6.0"-6.5"
Large 6.5"-7.0"
X-Large 7.0"-7.5"


The average woman's wrist falls between 6.0"-7.0".  If your wrist is larger or smaller it's a good idea to ask to have the bracelet sized accordingly. 

Bangle Bracelet Sizes

Bangle bracelets require a larger circumference size since it needs to fit over the largest width of your hand.  The average woman's bangle size tends to fall between medium-large.  

Size Circumference
X-Small 6.7"-7.1"
Small 7.1"-7.5"
Medium 7.5"-7.9"
Large 7.9"-8.3"
X-Large 8.3"-9"


Now that you know your bracelet size, you can shop with confidence that whatever style bracelet, it will fit perfectly. 


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